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Are you attracted to horses and are you looking for more depth, inner peace and connection, then this is your trip! Away from your busy life, with the help of horses, you will be able to reflect and connect with your heart and your qualities.

Also if you are not a seasoned horseback rider, you can join us on this journey. It’s not about the speed, it’s about truly being present every step of the way. After taking just a few riding lessons you are ready to join us on this ride. The horses we travel with are selected based on your experience as a rider and are good-natured. More experienced riders will have some opportunities for a nice gallop.


It's no problem if you haven't meditated before. Let's start each day with a beginners mind and see what opens up for us. 

At times it is nice to talk along the way, but it is at least as valuable not to speak for a while. 

We will travel parts of the route in silence so we can increase our awareness and really take in  and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

We will travel in a small group with a maximum of six participants.


Horse  assisted  coaching

They feel you out magnificently, and mirror you without any judgment. This will make you feel free to explore and express what is truly happening for you. They show you what they feel in response to your actions, attitude and intention, and bring you closer to who you really are. This pure and direct way of giving feedback, no double agenda’s, makes it easy for us to accept.


In a short while you can learn a lot about the way you come across, and the influence you have on others. Horses have a fine nose for what is true and authentic. They help you recognize and change patterns, develop more authenticity, inner strength, and self-confidence.

They show you whether your thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent and in tune.


The year round care of the horses is in loving hands. Their well being comes first!

The  Ride  of  your  Life

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