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What a journey!!! There we went, feeling a bit of tension but full of expectation. It turned out to be a very special trip for me.

The nature was out of this world, very powerful! The food was fantastic and we were with a wonderful group of people.

The horses were fantastic and really fit each person. I had a great click with my horse Blossom.

It was wonderful to have quiet time, just not say anything for a while and not focus on others. Just me and my horse.

It was also a trip that brought me closer to myself and helped me deal with some important issues in my life. There was a lot of space for this process, and Sascha was of great help to me.

I very much enjoyed he meditations and exercises we did. It created more space in my head, and made me look at things a bit lighter. Sascha is really a great person, around her you can truly be yourself. It was a fantastic trip that brought me a lot.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Sascha van Minderhout (yes… two Sascha’s on this ride)




I have experienced “The Ride” as a fantastic trip, not only for the  “inner soul” but also thanks to the beautiful landscapes. In five days I have made large strides in letting go and many things have fallen into place for me, which would otherwise have taken me much longer. In a strange way it was healing to do something so out of my comfort zone. The professional way in which Sascha coached us, with loving attention for each one of us, made me feel very safe to do this. This journey gave me insights that I can take home and keep working on.

The places we spent the night were all very nice, some actually had a swimming pool and others a water reserve in which you could swim.

They all had the beautiful views on the mountains, and what delicious cooking everywhere!

I can recommend this gift to yourself to everyone.

Yvonne Oostrijk

If you ask me there is nothing better than to be on a horse in the mountains.

The wonderful smell when you ride through the rosemary and sage bushes, the sound of hooves, the birds. Riding in silence, the overwhelmingly beautiful nature and the contact with the horses have created the space to come closer to who I am. After every mountain ridge a new beautiful world with new challenges revealed itself. We have been through a lot together and have also had a great deal of fun.



To ride together in the beautiful Sierra Nevada and to share so much, is a great gift for me! The intensive contact with the horses during the trip remains very special. I would like thank my travel companions very much for the great time we had together on the Rides. I am grateful for your openness and confidence and the new friendships that have formed. 

Thank you!!!

Sascha Schalkwijk

What an experience!!! I never made a real trip like this on horseback, and now went with a group of people I didn't know right though the the Sierra Nevada. It was absolutely amazing, from the group, the nature, the coaching to my horse Ciel. The most important lesson for me was to learn how to meditate and experience the inner peace it brings. Besides that I have learned so many new things, gained so many new insights, and above all enjoyed myself tremendously! A thousand thanks to you Sas! 

Yaron Menneken


This Ride has given me profound insights and helped me in going through an important transformation. It was not always easy but the loving guidance of Sascha has helped me make big steps which, now that I'm back in my dayly life, help me tremendously. I truely felt carried!

Emma Hoekstra

A trail on horseback through the magnificent nature of the Sierra Nevada. Just that sounds like a dream and brave adventure, and it was! In combination  with coaching, meditation, and riding in silence and the enthusiastic, loving guidance of Sascha, has made that my happiness cup is again filled to the rim. It was a truly amazing experience, never to forget and definitely to be repeated! 

Nicky Huisman


I remember this beautiful trip with lots of happiness and gratitude. So wonderful! What a gift! I want to join this trip every year!


After a fantastic trip, I got home much more aware and feeling closer to who I really am. Because of the safe atmosphere in our group, I have been able to face my fears from the very beginning of the trip. Sascha's vigorous yet gentle coaching has helped me tremendously in developing more trust and courage and not to try to control so much. I've also learned a lot about horses, which I hadn't expected since I have had horses for many years.

Besides this I could fill five books about all the beauty, wonderful food, and the "sunshine in a glass", the fresh juice from the oranges from the tree next to the pool at Ann's. It was really a great experience!


Mona Hoekstra  

I think back on this beautiful trip with great joy and gratitude. So wonderful!!! What a present! I want to make this trip every year.

Erna Huls


The  Ride  of  your  Life

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