Sascha Schalkwijk

I’m Sascha and will take you along on this beautiful journey.

I have been a horse assisted coach for more than ten years and I am very happy to enrich the coaching experience with riding, traveling and meditation.

I remain fascinated with the mirroring power of horses - they keep me ever aware - ever developing. My broad knowledge of horses, coaching, and my background in psychology and management (Masters degree), give me a strong basis to assist people in their personal development. I do this with lots of love!

By creating a safe space and asking challenging questions, I help you answer your own questions. This makes it easier to step out of your comfort zone. 


I have deeply experienced how meditation and traveling through the mountains on a horse creates more room for self reflection and opening up for new possibilities.

I am a certified EAGALA horse coach. (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning association) With the horses wellbeing in mind,  I have further developed as a certified EAPD coach (Equine assisted Personal Development), and “Chris Irwin” horse trainer.

The  Ride  of  your  Life