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Sascha Schalkwijk

I’m Sascha and will take you along on this beautiful journey.

I have been a horse assisted coach for more than ten years and I am very happy to enrich the coaching experience with riding, traveling and meditation.

I remain fascinated with the mirroring power of horses - they keep me ever aware - ever developing. My broad knowledge of horses, coaching, and my background in psychology and management (Masters degree), give me a strong basis to assist you with your personal development. I do this with lots of love! By creating a safe space and asking challenging questions, I help you answer your own questions. Through becoming more aware of our patterns, we can free ourselves from the reactivity of the conditioned mind.

We can then be more fully present in our lives. I love to share the tools that have helped me find more peace, flow and freedom.

I have deeply experienced how meditation and traveling through the mountains on a horse creates more room for self reflection and opening up for new possibilities.

I am a certified EAGALA horse coach. (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning association) With the horses wellbeing in mind,  I have further developed as a certified EAPD coach 2014 (Equine assisted Personal Development), and “Chris Irwin” horse trainer 2012.

The  Ride  of  your  Life

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